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Organizational Chart

High Level Organizational Chart (pdf)

General Management

Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Unclaimed Property UCP E-Mail 800-468-1088
General Information   804-225-2142
Treasurer Manju Ganeriwala 804-225-2142
Deputy State Treasurer David Swynford 804-225-2142
Internal Review Vacant 804-225-2142
Administrative Services Manager Michael Tutor 804-371-6013
Human Resources Manager Meagan Whay 804-225-3758
Director of Information Systems Patrick Cornish 804-225-2288
Web Administrator Timothy Amberman

Bond Finance

Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Director of Debt Management Janet A. Aylor 804-371-6006
Assistant Director of Debt Management Bradley L. Jones 804-225-4929
Public Finance Manager James D. Mahone 804-225-4928
Public Finance Manager Leslie M. English 804-371-0341


Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Director of Treasury Operations Kristin A. Reiter 804-225-3240
Manager of Trust Accounting Tracey L. Edwards 804-371-6008
Manager of Bank Recon & Issued Check Services Charles Dishman 804-225-3175
Manager of Check Processing Lucy C. Norris 804-225-2394

Risk Management

Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Director of Risk Management Don LeMond 804-225-4620
Assistant Director of Risk Management Linda Lilly 804-786-6018
State and Local Government Programs Bryan Chamberlain 804-786-3152

Cash Management and Investments

Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Director Tim Wilhide 804-225-3168
Chief Investment Officer Neil Boege 804-225-3166
LGIP Manager Neil Boege 804-225-3166
    LGIP Local Calls   804-786-1156
    LGIP Toll Free   1-800-643-7800
Manager of Banking Services Stuart Goodpasture 804-225-2648
Assistant Manager of Banking Services Tina Wilhelm 804-225-2647

Unclaimed Property/Escheat

Title Contact Name Telephone Number
Director of Unclaimed Property Vicki D. Bridgeman 804-225-2393
Accounting and Processing Manager Vacant
Audit Manager Melinda Barbish 804-225-2515
Reports Remittance Supervisor Bill Dadmun 804-225-2547
Claims Manager Vacant
Claims Supervisor Lisa A. Jones 804-225-2069
Escheats Specialist Janet Carpenter 804-225-3155
    General Information 804-225-2393
    UCP Toll Free Line   1-800-468-1088