Welcome to Holder Upload

Welcome! This series of pages are designed to assist you in submitting NAUPA format text files for the purpose of reporting unclaimed property to the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are several steps along the way, beginning with you providing a file. There is a box located below this text for you to either drag and drop a file or click on the box to open a navigation dialogue box so you can navigate to the file that you wish to submit.

Make sure you get a confirmation of receipt

You will receive an e-mail response to all submissions.  If you do not receive an e-mail, your submission was NOT received.  Please resubmit any files for which you do not receive confirmation.

Submitting Multiple Files?

If you have a large number of files to submit, you should consider putting the individual reports into a single, consolidated text file, which you can submit just once.  This is particularly important if you are remitting a single payment for all of your reports.  Our system recognizes files with multiple reports and handles them accordingly.

If you still want to submit separate files, be aware that you should give the process time as you send each file.  Processing submissions too quickly can result in issues accepting and responding to all of them.

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